About Stockholms Akademiska Forum in English

Stockholm is the gateway to the academic world of Sweden. Being in the middle of the city center of Stockholm, our reception desk is there to guide you through the universities and university colleges of Stockholm – the capital of Sweden.

Practical web site about studying in Stockholm
For information about our universities and university colleges, living in Stockholm, student life, faq, activities for international students etc., please visit our web site www.studyinstockholm.se.

At Stockholms Akademiska Forum, around the time before the last day of applying to the universities, you will be able to meet students and study counsellors and get all the information you need.

We help with technology transfer to small and medium sized enterprises and we work for widened access to academic studies with special emphasis put on social and ethnic diversity. Stockholms Akademiska Forum is also a place for meetings between citizens and science. Current research is presented in exhibitions, public lectures, seminars and debates.

Stockholms Akademiska Forum was established by the Stockholm Region Vice Chancellors Conference  (Stockholms akademiska rektorskonvent) in 1996.

The Vice Chancellors Conference elects the board of Stockholms Akademiska Forum and the board initiates different working groups for particular areas. The working groups handle projects within the areas of interest for Stockholms Akademiska Forum which are to facilitate and increase inter-institutional collaboration and develop interaction between science, business industry and the public.


The Guide project
The guide projects’ goal is to supply, the museums in Stockholm, with students who are interested in working as guides.